Health Travel in Turkey

Discover the health tourism potential of Turkey, which has an advanced health system, world-class health institutions and qualified health personnel.


More Than 500K Foreign Patients Every Year

Turkey is at the center of medical tourism and welcomes patients from all over the world with its excellent medical treatments and procedures. Every year, thousands of patients travel to Turkey to benefit from professional services, advanced medical techniques and low-cost treatments.

The most common treatments in Turkey are plastic surgery, this is reflected in dental procedures, transplants, as well as treatments for heart problems and cancer. Clinics and hospitals in Turkey have the highest clinical standards.

Affordable Costs

Patients traveling to Turkey, after receiving treatment in some of the world’s best medical programs, they can enjoy the delightful climate and amazing recovery stays.

The low cost of treatment in Turkey is an incredible appeal for patients – usually up to 50% less suction than comparable procedures in the Europe and UK. With so much to offer, Turkey provides a tranquil environment and has given Turkey great status in the booming medical tourism industry.